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Related post: Epidemiology Training Associate, Dr. Anne Bailowitz, has finished her MPH train- ing and joined the EBS office. Infectious Diseases The unit has been heavily involved in planning a three-year prospective effort to study the natural history of AIDS in homosexual men. Subjects will be given a questionnaire for the purpose of correlating any current biologic abnormalities or manifestations of disease with sexual practices and other exposures. Addi- tionally, serum, urine, feces, and other body fluids will be collected and banked for future evaluations, e.g., when Buy Neoral a marker for the disease becomes available, and for virus isolation. The attempt is to collect, in a single large study, information that encompasses the time period from before infection to the develop- ment of disease in a sufficient number of high risk individuals to permit meaningful epidemiologic statements. The EBS, in conjunction with Dr. David Henderson, Infection Control Officer, has designed a prospective study of Clin- ical Center employees and their exposure to patients with AIDS. Follow-up for three Neoral Sandimmune to four years will consist of periodic questionnaires and, if appropriate, detailed immunological studies. Dr. Saah was among several NIAID staff who consulted with investigators in Haiti on possible risk factors for AIDS in Haitians. The discovery of a tick-borne spirochete as the putative cause of Lyme disease led to a successful team effort to isolate the organism from patients in New York and publication of these findings. Analysis of data from a 1982 serosurvey on Fire Island is nearing completion, as are the efforts at serologic confirmation of reported Long Island cases. In conjunction with Dr. J. Bruce McClain (WRAMC) , an ELISA has Neoral Coupon been developed that will greatly facilitate seroepidemiologic studies. Joint activities with the State of Wisconsin have generated consider- able descriptive data on occurrence of Sandimmune Neoral the disease there and on the ecologic factors involved in its transmission. 8-9 Work has continued with Dr. LaMontagne (DAB) and others on influenza morbidity and mortality at the Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged in New York City. The past year's effort Neoral Cyclosporine involved continuation of a prospective, non-randomized clini- cal trial of influenza vaccine with virologic and serologic studies. Drs. Blackwelder and LaMontagne also completed analysis of the 1978 Russian influenza vaccine trial. Drs. Kaslow and Blackwelder have begun exploring the NCHS mul- tiple cause mortality statistics for additional insights on deaths from pneumonia and influenza. Considerable time was spent by unit staff along with Dr. Edelman to develop a major collaboration with NICHD on the role of genitourinary infections and prematurity. The work, to be performed under contracts at several centers, will examine the risk factors, especially the microbial flora of the female lower reproductive tract. If the circumstances are favorable, the study design calls for emphasis on antimicrobial prophylaxis in a randomized trial. Addressing this same issue. Dr. Kaslow has made two trips to India during the past year to consult on a similar research project by Indian investigators. Progress has also been made toward assembling data from the Collaborative Perinatal Project to re-examine the role of urinary tract infection and Neoral 75 Mg prematurity. Through his connection with the Egypt-Israel project on vector-borne diseases. Dr. Fred Feinsod and his Egyptian colleagues have important clues to the Neoral Price likely path of introduction of Rift Valley fever into Egypt in 1977. This introduction has been an enigma, and its elucidation would assist Rift Valley fever control efforts in the future. Immunologic Diseases The Collaborative Perinatal Project records of approximately 1,200 children with asthma have been abstracted under Dr. Saab's direction. Analysis of patterns of disease and of exposure variables in their mothers is planned. Drs. Bailowitz and Koslowe assisted the Maryland State Health Department in investigating an outbreak of Kawasaki syndrome in Baltimore and outlying Maryland counties during the spring. They collected data to test the hypothesis that children with the disease more often come from homes where carpets Neoral 100 Mg have been cleaned within a few weeks prior to onset. Preliminary analysis has suggested that such an associa- tion is unlikely. Both environmental exposure studies and early immunogenetic studies on systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients are nearing completion. Data analysis is well underway from a case-control study of SLE patients in collaboration with Dr. Marc Hochberg, Johns Hopkins University. Interesting data Neoral 125 Mg on the reproductive histor- ies and on history of allergy were obtained. Dr. Blackwelder continued work Neoral 100 with Dr. Robert Elston of Louisiana State University on the use of sibship data to detect genetic linkage between a disease susceptibility locus and a polymorphic marker, with particular reference to the HLA system. They have been comparing various methods for analysis of sib-pair data. Biometric Consultation and Research Dr. William Blackwelder served as consultant to NIAID project officers and as a member of data monitoring committees for collaborative clinical trials on: 1) comparison of two durations of therapy with amphotericin B and 5-f luorocytosine 8-10 in cryptococcal meningitis, 2) Neoral Cost efficacy of adenine arabinoside monophosphate alone and combined with human leukocyte interferon in chronic hepatitis B infec- tion, 3) efficacy of antiviral substances in herpes encephalitis and neonatal herpes infections, and 4) efficacy of interferon therapy for pediatric papil- lomatosis. In another area of biometric research, he investigated properties of common statistical tests for comparing binomial proportions when the proportions are small. Other Activities The Investigational New Drug Applications (INDAs) for the Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Program are filed and maintained by Neoral 50 Mg the CESB. Currently 30 active Cyclosporine Neoral INDAs are on file with the National Center for Drugs and Biologies, Food and Drug Administration. Five INDAs are for drugs and 25 are for biologies. During the past year new INDAs have been filed for human leukocyte interferon for the treatment of laryngeal papillomas, B-subunit of cholera toxin, two oral cholera vaccines, gamma interferon for the treatment of AIDS patients, an oral E. coli CFA/II pili vaccine and an oral Neoral 25 Mg typhoid -Shigella sonnei vaccine. The gamma Buy Neoral Online
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